Smepro International conducts research against cancer as a Business Friend of the Radboud Oncology Fund

Every year around 44,000 Dutch people die from cancer. That is as much as 25% of all residents of the city of Nijmegen. This number has to come down and it would even be better if cancer will no longer exist in the future. That is why Smepro International comes into action as Business Friend of the Radboud Oncology Fund to fight this disease.

Smepro International shares the vision of many people in the world: that we no longer lose our loved ones to cancer. How beautiful that would be if we all succeeded.

To make this happen is why Smepro International contributes as Business Friend of the Radboud Oncology Fund.

The researchers at the Radboudumc (affiliated hospital) play a significant role in the global puzzle to no longer make cancer a deadly disease. The researchers do this as quickly as they can. And as quick as they are financially able to do so.

Business Friend of the Radboud Oncology Fund

As Business Friend of the Radboud Oncology Fund, we ensure that talented researchers from the Radboudumc can do more groundbreaking research and thereby enable better care and new treatments in the field of cancer. We do this with a fixed monthly amount.

Provide research against cancer

If you want to participate in research against cancer, we kindly ask you to Look on the special website of the Radboud Oncology Fund:

Colleague Rudi Assink is currently busy preparing to complete the New York marathon on November 3. With this he wants to raise money for the Radboud Oncology Fund. Support him and visit his website: www.runforrof.nl.

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