Industries of Smepro

Every industry uses steel parts. Smepro supplies parts for a variety of industries. To give you an impression, we devide these industries into five sectors: machine building, energy, off highway / recycling, transport and other sectors.

Machine building

Smepro supplies many large and small components for pelletmills. Both wear parts and components for the machine. Roller shells and dies are made in our own factory in China, with a global supply.


Smepro supplies high quality forgings and castings for several energy sectors. These components can be found in pumps, in applications for nuclear/electricity plants, in (wind)turbines and on oil rigs.

The parts that Smepro supplies are used all over the world. Smepro’s customers are located mainly in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Asia. Production locations of Smepro are located in Europe, North America and Asia.

Off highway / recycling

Smepro has very good possibilities for the supply of wear resistant part for off highway and recycling industry. Coarse work takes place in these industries, resulting in high wear on used materials and machines.


Smepro supplies high-end components for the transport sector. These can be cylinders for dump trucks, couplings and components for the bogie of trains, propeller shafts or even complete motor housings for ships.

Other sectors

Smepro receives requests from various industries in which steel components and products play a big role. The diversity of products is too large to set out.

Smepro can manufacture the most complex products according to the strictest standards


Smepro is ISO 9001 certified and obviously requires the same from all its factories.
For specific products and applications all relevant additional qualifications are available.