About Smepro

Strong in flexibility
Smepro produces forgings and castings according to your own specifications via its highly reputable suppliers; either treated or untreated, and entirely according to your specifications or even fully assembled. Smepro leaves the choice entirely to you – the choice of materials or supplier, quality demands, required treatment or just-in-time delivery. Our expertise and worldwide network of suppliers of wrought ironwork and cast ironwork offer you endless possibilities in choosing the solution that best fits your needs.

Specialised forgings and castings
Smepro produces forgings and castings in many variations including standard steel alloys, stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel and nickel-based steel. We can also supply castings according to your own material specifications. Sizes range from single pieces to small and mid-sized series of forgings and castings. Production of the forgings and castings is followed by the required heat treatment and checks in order to guarantee the highest levels of quality.

Overseeing the production process: from raw steel to just-in-time delivery
Our international network of highly qualified manufacturers of forgings and castings is a guarantee of metal products that meet your demands in full. Thanks to our intensive level of involvement in the production process, Smepro maintains control at all times over the state of progress and the level of quality. This attention to detail is maintained right up until the punctual delivery of your product. All done according to the delivery strategy that best fits your own working process: for example, just-in-time delivery from our warehouse or as part of a consignment.

Right at home in your market
For decades now, Smepro has been a reliable partner for (inter)national customers in among others the petrochemical, oil refinery, oil and gas exploration, nuclear, pellet, shipbuilding, railroad construction, equipment building, crane construction and earthworks industries. Industries that demand the highest of quality levels in forgings and castings and place similarly high demands on their suppliers. Smepro knows your market inside out and offers you proactive support in your efforts to achieve the optimal result.

A committed partner in forgings and castings
Smepro is a family business with many years of experience in the production of metal parts. Since its foundation in 1980, two generations of the family have worked to build up a solid business relationship with both our customers for and suppliers of forgings and castings. As a result, we know our clients’ markets inside out. In addition, Smepro possesses extensive knowledge of the materials and techniques used in forgings and castings, whether they involve the use of sand or mechanical and precision casting. All of the above combine to make Smepro a professional and committed partner that works closely with you to find the forgings and castings that best fits your own business processes.

One contact person committed to meeting your forgings and casting needs
Efficient cooperation requires short lines of communication and your own individual contact person. At Smepro each request for forgings and castings is designated to one individual employee. This means that you have one point of contact, from the time of the initial request right up to delivery of your product, regardless of whether your forgings and castings are produced in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe or in Asia. Your account manager remains up to speed at all times. He or she will be fully involved right from the start in realising your wishes and demands in as efficient a manner as possible. Our expertise and flexible nature mean that you can achieve more than you would even think possible!

Close-knit network of international manufacturers of forgings and castings
Smepro knows exactly which manufacturers are able to meet your specific demands. From the production of steel to the casting and forging, and right up to the finishing touches. Thanks to the many years we have spent investing in our networks, we now have a worldwide network of foundries and forges in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe and Asia. And we keep that network up to date by maintaining constant contact with those manufacturers and a permanent overview of the production processes and levels of quality. All of our suppliers are ISO-certified, at the very least, but are also often in the possession of other certifications, for example for the supply of parts to the railway industry. Notwithstanding all of these qualifications, we subject all steel products to a final inspection at our own warehouse before delivery.

We supply to the following industries: